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Lotte Frances: Digital Drawings

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SP# 004

Lotte Frances is a Naarm based artist predominantly working with painting and drawing. Through a process of abstracting and obscuring references from pop culture imagery and urban surrounds, their work explores how multiple methods of painting can construct an image that is unknown yet strangely familiar. Each painting has its own set of idiosyncratic and intuitive gestures that distort known realities and lead the viewer towards uncanny perceptions, ambiguous representations and altered states. 

In the publication Digital Drawings, we see these intuitive methods of mark-making and image construction applied to a series of digital works. Created during COVID-19 lockdown, these drawings have been a critical way for Lotte to continue their visual research whilst embracing the specificity of the digital medium. 

Digital Drawings is the fourth publication to be produced by Stray Pages. Featuring 39 drawings printed in CMYK dry toner in a 28 x 22 cm saddle-stitched book with 150gsm satin paper and 250gsm card cover. Available in limited numbers, the first 25 sold will include a special edition A3 poster.

ISBN: 978-0-646-83334-7

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